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ANY ONE Know anything about the Toyota G52, G58, W55, W56, W57 and W58 5-speeds

ANY ONE Know anything about the Toyota G52, G58, W55, W56, W57 and W58 5-speeds? I need SPECs on a bellhousing for a build. Its for a 22r style around 295hp and 355tq i need to run the 22r-te turbo flywheel for a larger clutch O.D. specs around 11" ring gears 11.5 will this fit in all the bellhousing? should be a simple question. just need some verification. Any difference in the bell housings 2or4wheel application strengths or trans to motor thickness? Do the slave cylinders hold up well to DFCs? Got to be better than the plastic from jeep!! the answer to what the h*!! Im doing is building a hybrid trans or something like that!!!!

hope this the right place to put this!
please do tell how your going to make 295hp out of a 22r?

of those listed w56 is strongest and the bellhousings dont interchange i dont believe because people with 2.5l jeeps have run the g52 as its pretty much the same thing as a ax5. If your going to throw any type of power what so ever in it look for a turbo tranny which is i believe the r151 or r150 as they are supposively the strongest, the other is what is behind the v6 tacoma which is pretty hefty to and is comparable to the ax15 in jeeps.
This is for a motor swap for a 22R pattern. I will be building a hybrid transmission and will be using a AX15 and a Toyota 4 cylinder bellhousing with a custom converted clutch setup and will be running either/or input shaft. So it will be a 22R bolt pattern, a 22r-turbo flywheel, a 82-83 clutch, pressure plate from a
Eagle setup. This gives me a 9 1/8 with a 1" 1/8" 10 spline to run the jeep input shaft and will build a transmission bellhousing reduction plate. Gain the 15 millimeter difference in the short and long bellhousing and input shaft styles with a Toyota bellhousing and slave cylinder.
G series have non removeable bell housings and are a cast trans and are quite a bit heavier. W series are aluminum and are removeable and also have a slightly lower 1st gear. The R151 turbo trans is probably the strongest mini truck trans and is aluminum with a removeable bell housing and a very low 1st gear and larger inputs/outputs but hard to come across.