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Another JKU

Well here is the new family ride. fef47f3301fa4c098cf7e0dea83b4ab5.jpg

The wife was due for a new vehicle and she chose the JKU. We got an incredible deal on a 2016 JKU on the 4th of July.

2016 Sport S
Auto w/ 3.73's
Alpine system (very impressed)

She had her heart set on a Sahara with color matched fenders, but we couldn't find one in the configuration she wanted without leather. So the dealership went beyond and offered a set of sahara flares at no cost. They are installing them this week.

This will be a moderate build as it is my wife's DD, but she has already picked out several things she wants done to it. I will try to update as we progress it, but it's nice to have another Jeep in the family. It will get a small lift, 33's, winch and bumpers at most for now. It's plan is to just be a fun vacation ride and be able to do smaller trips such as the poker run and etc.

I know nothing about JK's and I've been out of the Jeep loop for sometime, but I'm looking forward to having fun again!
Picked up a painted hardtop for the Jeep today. I feel like I stole it from the guy for $500. He bought his jeep new in 2013, drove it home and hung the hardtop in his garage and never used it again...

Headed to the body shop next week to get it painted white to match the Jeep.