5X8 Offroad self built camper

I have a 5X8 Lenard trailer that I have converted into an Off-road camper.
The Mattress is a futon inner coil style with a 3” memory foam topper. Also has a TV with built in DVD player. Full 30amp RV hookup with battery in the back for when you are off grid that will run lights and Fantastic Fan 3 speed roof vent. Comes with Climate Right 2500 btu heat pump that will run on a small generator if off grid. ARB 2100 awning with 6X8 full tent room. Asking $5800.00 OBRO
Contact me via phone please David
I also have more pics of the renovations as I done them

64D7A4FF-B41B-49FA-9CF2-361B37FD712C.jpeg 35F11AB4-EC34-4A0C-A5F5-493F6107E345.jpeg 5524D802-838D-4A08-B39A-34F74EF5BBDF.jpeg 5C7F441C-222D-4A83-AA2F-3F9F1D0C8871.jpeg 575C650F-B4B9-4770-8DDA-D849705A7717.jpeg 77DE4504-BA28-48CE-9394-7CACA69F6A58.jpeg 4E7919EC-62E9-4ABE-97E7-7B8698C1505F.jpeg AEEE079F-E443-4585-BDCA-DB16D9774F2A.jpeg 13A9FE91-A5AE-46D4-AFC0-DACD5E7D974A.jpeg 6CBB69D8-5AE0-4BC8-B546-8D5E63997A0D.jpeg
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