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2019 10th Annual Clemson 4 Wheel Poker Run

We're all set for the 10th Annual Clemson 4 Wheel Jeep Poker Run this Saturday! The weather forecast is looking awesome. Don't forget sunscreen, folding chairs, and other "tailgating" items and supplies that you'll need for a day of Jeeping fun!

Check-in begins Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, and the last vehicle must sign in no later than 10:45 AM, at Clemson 4 Wheel, 10733 Clemson Blvd, Seneca. Once you are through he line, you will receive a "goodie bag" full of neat stuff. This goody bag will also include some IMPORTANT stuff, primarily the directions you'll follow that will take you along the poker run route. These turn by turn directions will guide you along scenic back-roads, through farm lands, across mountains, along rivers and streams, and through towns and communities. Hopefully you'll go somewhere you haven't been before, and learn some new areas where you can come back and explore more. Please be considerate of the residents and landowners along the route! They're not used to having 250 Jeeps come by on a typical Saturday!

The Clemson 4 Wheel Jeep Poker Run includes "checkpoints" where you'll earn the "cards" that make up your "poker hand". The first of these is at Clemson 4 Wheel Center, so you'll earn your first "card" right after you check in and before you leave our parking lot. After that, there are three checkpoints along the route, and then the last one is at the end, where we'll have BBQ and prizes.

The 3 checkpoints along the route tend to be a bottle neck sometimes, as 20 or 30 Jeeps try to crowd into the same parking lot, and all the folks from those Jeeps try to get their "card". Please try to play the game quickly and move on so the lines don't get too long.

Watch your email later this week, probably Thursday evening, for some other important information about the poker run that'll help you prepare for the day.

See you Saturday!


Thanks for registering for the 10th Annual Clemson 4 Wheel Jeep Poker Run! We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. The weather forecast is great and it's shaping up to be an awesome event!

We have made changes to the way we will play the game this year. The way we have played in the past, by drawing a card from a box containing a full deck, we were informed, is illegal. (oops!) South Carolina has a law banning games of chance, so we flipped the game upside down in a new, exciting twist.

This year, we will play a game of skill, Darts Poker. Players will earn "cards" by throwing a dart onto a custom dart board that is sectioned to represent playing cards. You will have the opportunity to see the "card" you wish to play for, and throw your dart at that card. So the question remains, how good is your throw?