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2013 raptor wheels


Here is a snippet from peterson's.

The 17-inch forged alloy rollers are what ford calls "bead-lock-capable" and are among several revisions to the Raptor for the new year. The wheels come from the factory with a decorative ring that can be removed. Then with a beadlock ring kit available from Ford Racing the tire bead can be moved to the outside of the rim and clamped in place. Ford says this is the first time a single wheel is able to mount a tire either conventionally or with a beadlock, and Ford has applied for a patent on the system.

What do you think?? And maybe this will finally shut everyone up and stop them from saying "beadlocks are illegal". Um, Ford, from the factory?
pretty cool concept, jeep should follow suit. But I can see there being some sort of legal hassle with it if somebody puts them on wrong and gets in an accident.