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2003 Nissan Xterra SE/SC - supercharged $4500

Haven't been over here in ages, but I'd rather sell my truck to an enthusiast than trade it in.

I haven't been able to seriously offroad in a few years and haven't even been able to go camping and exploring either so its not getting used for how I built her. I'm wanting a new car and found one but the wife says both of mine have to go before I can get a new one. I just replaced the SC snout with a rebuilt unit. For my asking price I will include all my "accessories", recovery gear, and spares box. Has been taken offroad a good bit (mainly Windrock) and always performed well, did my best not to abuse her and my only trail breakage has been a broken valvestem.

2003 Xterra SE/SC with 166k miles in Molten Lava Metallic - $4500
OEM rockford fosgate stereo/sub

modifications include:
3" lift SLR chromoly upper control arms and low profile bump stops (more droop travel)
sway-a-way torsion bars
AC 3 piece add a leaf pack
AC extended brake lines front and rear
Bilstein HD's up front and 5100's in the rear.
Grassroots 4x4 centerlink (spherical bearings in welded on cups instead of balljoints)
AC heavy duty tie rod adjusters
Hardbody Manual steering box in place of the idler arm (no more plastic/bronze bushings to wear out)
SLR front diff drop bushings
Rugged Rocks HD motor mounts
AC SS headers
'00 Fed downpipes (no cats, all 4 are gone so if you are in an emisssions testing state...)
Nismo Catback exhaust
B&M external transmission cooler
Nismo wheels (all 5 including spare)
285/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's (all 5)
Superwinch EPi9.0 on one of a kind hidden winch mount with shackles
Rockhumper Fabworx weld on rock sliders with rear kick out.
Tow hooks recessed in rear bumper (no hitch, better departure angle)
Air Zenith 200 PSI 100% rated duty cycle air compressor in rear hatch area with regulator and quick connect in the rear bumper for air tool usage
5 Gallon aluminum air tank where stock spare tire location with digital tank air pressure gauge mounted inside upper armrest compartment
Grover 1510 Stuttertone (fire truck) air horn (best mod ever) (electric solenoid for pushbutton operation)
Xoskel roof light cage with 2x130w KC driving lights and 2x100w fog lights
Bussmann fuse/relay box in engine bay for all accessory wiring (all my wiring is extremely clean and stock looking)
Nissan Quest 125 amp alternator
Milspec battery terminals
Napa Legends AGM battery
Cobra 29 Bluetooth CB radio mounted to the ceiling with a 3' Wilson Flex antenna mounted on rear hatch frame
Professionally redone headliner in red urban camo
OEM Nissan Neoprene front seat covers
OEM Nissan interior bike rack converted to roof use with yakima rail grab parts.
Four-Treks Billet hi-lift mounts with 60" Hi-Lift Xtreme.
OEM roof basket net with quick fists mounted in roof basket for a Fiskars Shovel (cut down) and axe.
Dephep rear driver side MOLLE panel with one gear bag (holds my air hose and chucks) with room for a few more pouches/bags

Recovery gear consists of Hi-Lift winch kit, 20' Transport Grade chain with hooks, cheapo tree strap, ARB Tree Strap, ARB Recovery Strap, Superwinch pulley block and a couple US made shackles.
Spares box includes OEM brake lines, 2 OEM motor mounts, OEM alternator, 2 OEM CV axles, 4 OEM tie rod adjusters, 2 OEM auto hardbody hubs and a stock distrubutor

Body wise it has very straight sheet metal with shiny paint, it does have light pinstriping that could probably be buffed out professionally. The only dents are in one plastic rear bumperette and a few on the roof when I had the spare tire up there in parking garage and broke a cross bar. No rust whatsoever on the frame or body. Engine wise it runs very good and pulls very strong, SC snout recently replaced, knock sensor has been bypassed so run only premium gas in it.

The bad: fuel gauge doesn't work and the tank has a dent in it. Automatic transmission is giving up on me, reverse hasn't worked in awhile and now it won't shift past second gear, I just replaced the TC lock up solenoid on the valve body which fixed the TC not locking up on the highway but I haven't tackled the shifting problem.

I have everything need for a manual transmission swap I will include for an extra $500 (2003 supercharged transmission and transfer case, flywheel, clutch and brake pedals, clutch master and slave cylinders, shifters and manual interior trim for '02-'04, transmission wiring sub harness and all the stock bolts and hardware for anything touching the transmission.

I'd like to get $4500, I would rather sell it complete to someone that has the time to tackle a transmission swap than try to part it out myself.