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#2, The B Team

Anyone interested in another project? I need to relocate this Jeep and my wife does not want it in our driveway. I have a ton of brand new and a bunch of extremely hard to find expensive original parts. It still does not have a title though and there is no way I'm painting it without a title. Great resto candidate given the factory optioned renegade/white/blue levi trim.
Person I bought it from is off the grid and never sent it to me. VIN comes up clean. Last registered in Durham area I believe. I guess someone will just need to pony up the $4 bills to have someone work their hoodoo voodoo on one. I was wondering if Todd or Cole or maybe even Clemson 4 Wheel would consider a trade for some Fab work on my rig. I've got brand new headlights, tail lights, ignition module, switch, gas tank, tank skid and straps, side markers, turn signals, leaf spring bushings, tie rod etc..... Also rounded up 4 original Levi front seats, one blue back seat with trick under seat storage, Bestop Levi Blue Softop in phenomenal condition, original rocker panels, restored wiring harness and heater box assembly, soft top frame. Needs seat brackets I know and I'm sure its going to need a few things here and there. I do not know if I have all the hardware. I had to move the project once already.
Yeah, last night I actually read back through this thread and couldn't believe what all we had already done. I totally forgot about most of it. I believe I'm married to it for now. I told the wife this am it was coming home. I can be a bit of a roller coaster at times. Thx