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2 Door JK for ECSC 2016

Well, I followed this build thread a few years ago and it was being built for RC4WD's East Coast Scale Challenge. The original builder ran into some issues and had to sell it before he could finish it and take it to ECSC.

Just a few specs as it sits right now.
China 2 door jk
Scx frame rails
Custom Cage
Supershafty built 3" kyosho velvet shocks. mmm yummy-check
Superahafty bomb proof dinky gr7
Supershafty bomb proof dinky split skid
Carter fab fully custom built axles
Grip fab arb spools
HD overdrive front
HD stock rear
Hitec 7980TH Servo
Holmes Trailmaster Brushless Pro
Mamba Max Pro
Castle BEC
Vanquish OMF's
RC4WD Compass 1.9's
CI Foams

I added all my electronics into it today just to make sure everything spun freely etc. I need to blow it apart and put new bearings in the axles and put some new hardware on it just to freshen it up. Also found out I need to shim this monster servo up a little to clear the axle down below lol! And then I need to find a new color...not feeling the green too much lol!

Anyway, this rig WILL be at the 2016 East Coast Scale Challenge! So lookout it is going to have its shot at ECSC fame!


Got my hands on the new Warn 8274 winch from RC4WD! This thing is spot on for detail and performance! I think that it fits this project perfectly!

20160722_211244_zpshnylrefe.jpg 20160722_211255_zpsnfbnwguf.jpg
Got to see this rig up close at the Knobby Creek Comp, thats a sweet little rig, looking forward to seeing it on the trail.