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1948 Willy's CJ2a Build

I got it out in the sunshine yesterday to get a tan


Today i got the headlights and taillights installed.

Next on the list is to put the new tires on and get a wiring harness so i can get it closer to starting


Hey Dan, looking really good. A quick question. What is the little compartment under the passenger seat? Mine doesn't have that. Was that an option or a custom piece?
It is the tool box. They all came with them. They usually rot out because the water will sit inside. Yours probably had one at one time but was removed for a floor repair.


It is the tool box. They all came with them. They usually rot out because the water will sit inside. Yours probably had one at one time but was removed for a floor repair.
Interesting. I will have to ask my dad about that when he gets here on Friday. That would definitely be handy. I will be putting that back in for sure.
They sell complete tool boxes. I think i paid about $280 for mine. i was at first going to try and save mine but i bit the bullet and just got a new one. it was worth it.
So the other week I got a great set of 31x10.50 BFG MK2s to put on the Jeep. The rims on the rig now is stock Suzuki Samurai wheels. I put the 31s next to it to see if they would work and not rub, and it the 235x15 crappy tires on the jeep were actually the same width as the 31s. But i found a set of 15x8s for more offset to keep rubbing at bay. The 15x8s had a set of bad 31s on it but i was able to throw it on the jeep to see what the difference was.

31s on the passenger side

So i was hemming and hawwing about which to go with, so i popped off a tire on the old rims to see how it would look on the suzuki rims. Well i was surprised how it looked. The Suzuki rims actually were 5.5 inches wide and the 31s went on with on with ease. I have to adjust the front turning bump stops to keep the tire out of the springs at full lock and the rear tires will rub, but i like how the tires fit under the fenders. Now i just need to get some paint and color the rims. :)


I went to meet a guy today to get a speedometer for the jeep and also came home with a new windshield frame. Mine had rust issues on the bottom, this one is much better and had new body gasket and gaskets for the inner windshield. It doesnt have glass windows, but lexan but i am ok with that :)


The km2s have a pretty narrow tread so they look pretty good. You should be able to air way down without worrying about popping a bead too.
I was surprised how narrow it was. i did not like how the 15x8 rim made that 31s pop out. I measured the opening width on the BFGs and it was about 7 inches. I am very happy with them :) Now to get the thing driving :)
I installed a new GM alternator on the engine. Took the old "whatever" it was alternator and cleaned up the mounting.

I got rid of the original adjustment brackets which were half a windshield flipout bracket and an original generator bracket.

I pushed the jeep out again. for a another tan
Bring it back up. I have the Jeep wired up and changed the oil. Looks like tomorrow I will steal the battery from the Wrangler and then crank up the Jeep.
I ended up ordering seat pads and canvas to keep the original seats. Just impatiently waiting for them, they are on back order. So i will have to get a porch cushion to drive the jeep around the block :)