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Toyota W56-c --> W56-b swap

Hey My 89 yota pickup SR5 tranny went out, I was wondering if anyone has ever swapped a w56-c tranny (5spd forward t-case shift, 89-95 22RE) with a W56-b tranny (5spd, top t-case shift, 86-88 22RE) the difference in the two is the W56-b has a top shift t-case which means the t-case (4wd) shifter comes out of the top of the t-case, the W56-c t-case (4wd) shifter comes out of the tail end of the tranny. I know that I will have to cut floor out, but I need to know if a seat switch is necessary (bench to bucket) or if I can just use the t-case from the W56-c will fit the W56-b. I'll be doing it this weekend so any help needs to be quick. Thanks everyone!
ima steal the trans from the 86, and the clutch IF it will fit, if it wont then ima have to go buy a new clutch, but the trans and t-case off the 86 are goin into mine unless we can swap the tcase
theyre the same trans the spline count and bolt pattern to the tcase should match, could you get measurements, output/input spline counts, and the bolt pattern for the tcase/trans off your truck and then we could check when we pull the other.