Hey everybody, my name’s Sal, I have a 2015 JKU.
I moved here from NJ in 2020. I’ve seen Jeeps all over my area in Lexington/Cola and tried finding clubs online but most of the posts I’ve found on the forums are years old so I just figured I’d do a little more searching and found this place.

In kind of a jam, I was driving on 20 a few days ago and BAM, got the wobble. I plan on fixing it myself but I need a hand from somebody more experienced than myself to help diagnose exactly what the problem is and narrow it down. Also have a metalcloak GC 2.5 I’ve had sitting in storage for two years that I’m looking to put on, also, need some help because my stepdad is afraid to get his hands dirty 😂

I’m looking to get out there with you guys on the weekends this summer. I start firefighter recruit school for Lexington in august so trying to jam pack my free time with trails and camping.

Here’s a picture of the rig:

3AEB6843-95E0-43F0-8DFC-8CB0D6C56196.jpeg 695F6471-AB68-4BBF-831D-95303E1F0AC8.jpeg


Welcome! Our next Mid Carolina Jeepers meeting will be June 13th at the Craft and Draft in Irmo. The meeting doesn't start until 7:00 but some people are usually there by 6:00. If you haven't been able to get it checked out before then, bring it.

Miller Mcarthur is a long time MCJ member, shop owner, and general Jeep guru. His shop is Men @ Work on Lake Murray Blvd.
Update: Screw it, doing the suspension myself.
Metalcloak GC 2.5 Rocksport Edition
Started yesterday morning and wrapped up the front end today (5/26)
Going to do the rear tomorrow once I can hunt down some jack stands that’ll reach.
Noticed that on my old tires, I had a shimmy on the front driver’s side wheel that wore the middle treads down in a weird alternating pattern.
Drove from Lexington to my job in Cola VERY SLOWLY with the wobble and realized that the inside of my passenger front tire wore down on the inside. Sucks big time considering I just put new tires on less that 1200 miles ago.
I know, I know, skyjacker stabilizer but I got it for free so why not throw it on since I had it up already.
Going to take it off after I get my alignment and see if any wobble is still happening.
But here’s some progress pictures

BF8B0535-6E28-4B9C-94BA-E37A8D996040.jpeg 85BD1DA1-662D-4035-BF73-BD143FD6D8B0.jpeg 3ABF931B-25DE-46B3-88F9-8C4464CFB0C3.jpeg 6BAA7AD7-63A1-447F-B620-171017A2FD90.jpeg 45ED9516-CC4D-4FE5-ADF0-FF6E3D9D6E08.jpeg 1B15F2FF-E017-4278-B6DF-C7251872A8F2.jpeg