Spring Break 2023 #OutWest

We had been planning our spring break trip for the past 6 months, we had planned to travel to Big Bend in Texas and wander around in the desert. Recently our Lab has been having some health problems and we found that we would need to bring the pups with us on this trip. After some additional research we found that Big Bend National Park was very dog friendly, from a rules standpoint not necessarily the desert aspects.

So, recently we cancelled the reservations we had for Big Bend and switched gears entirely to head out to Arizona and Utah for the week. I'm going to give an idea of the itinerary we are planning, but if anyone has any suggestions please post up and let us know.

Thursday 4/6: Camping somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City

Friday April 4/7: Pikes Peak RV campground in Manitou Springs -

Saturday 4/8: Pikes Peak RV campground in Manitou Springs -

Sunday 4/9: Moab Rim Campground

Monday 4/10: Moab Rim Campground

Tuesday 4/11: Moab Rim Campground

Wednesday 4/12: Escalante, UT - Campground

Thursday 4/13: Page, AZ or Grand Canyon Area

Friday 4/14: Freedom, OK

Saturday 4/15:

Sunday 4/16: Return Home

Colorado Springs, CO - Pikes Peak, Looking for additional things to do.
Moab, UT- Fins & Things, Chicken Corners
Escalante, UT - Spooky and Peekaboo Slot Canyons
Page, AZ - Lunch and camping at Lone Rock Beach
Grand Canyon, AZ
Freedom, OK - Emily's Grandparents Farm and cemetery, Alabaster Caverns
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Updated the first post. Looking for activities that are not snowed over in Colorado near Denverish area. Hikes, Trails, National Parks, activities...


So pikes Peak is now on the list, and we are staying in Manitou Springs. Anything else in the area we should check out?
It may not be as busy in April, but make sure you do the timed entry thing. There is very limited parking at the top. We were like the 3rd vehicle through that morning and there was a line at the gate when we came down.
picked up a grampa shell for the truck and a few skids. We leave next Thursday! I need to do some trailer maintenance this weekend and wire in a charging wire on the camper so that it charges while we drive.
got the bearings and swing arms on the trailer lubed up this weekend, got my lights mounted and wired in the grampa shell. Also wired our charge wire for the trailer battery. The control board for the MaxAir Fan died and the replacement board is supposed to be here tomorrow. Getting down to the wire...
Made it out of the house this morning around 9 and hit the road, a few traffic slowdowns and some dog walks. We are about 4 hours from our stop for tonight in KS.