Something new? Attn: Nick and crew

So Jim, Marcus, and I have been talking a lot lately of getting serious with this thing again. Well, finally I guess. We are unsure if it would be better to keep it the same or come up with something new so everyone would feel a part of it and want to be involved.

There is too large of a Jeep/4x4 crowd in Greenwood and surrounding areas for us not to have a good club to be a part of. The local Jeep night here is a joke every time, and we want to change that. I have tons of ideas but the first part is the name.

Meant to ask you yesterday Nick, but didn't think about it. We want yalls crowd to be a part and don't want any issues with the Lakelands/PK deal to hold anyone back. Marcus brought this up and the more I think about it the more I see where he is coming from. SO, what says the crowd??
Since we have slackers that don't get online, the best way is to get everyone together. The tractor pull should be a good opportunity for that.
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The name is not the issue IMO. I just want people to get involved. That's the issue. Everyone will talk about it but never do anything.

Also to add this, would a new name bring more people in? Just be open minded on it.

Outside opinion is welcomed.
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I don't know the background here, but you said outside opinions, so here goes...

We discussed changing the name of MCJ a few years back, but our discussion started because the name Jeepers alienated other vehicles (the toyota, Suzuki, and Lexus drivers of the community...) we decided to stick with the name because it was well known, and just make it clear that we accept all kinds. I don't see how Lakeland would alienate anyone, and if it's already known (and doesn't have a negative reputation), why change it?
The issue is that way back when, there was Palmetto Krawlers and Lakelands. There was always tension there apparently. I was never around for that. It came up that we might consider it because of that reason. We would like to have everyone as a whole if possible. But some of those guys may not even be interested. That's the reason for paging Nick.