OffroadSC Goes West, Again…

Well, not exactly the same but we did rent a JL for the week. Tried to go to pikes peak yesterday but didn’t make it to the gate in time, headed back later in the week.

Stayed in Gunnison last night and went over to Ouray today. Ran Red Mountain Pass down to Ophir Pass then into Telluride to see the falls at Black Bear. Would have done Alpine loop but couldn’t get any feedback on conditions from the weekends storm so we played it a touch safer. Still saw some cool mines and made it to 12,100 feet.

Weather coming in tomorrow, staying in Durango tomorrow and doing the train ride. Will see what the weather lets us do but will probably head back to pikes peak area Wednesday and Breckinridge or Vail.

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Today we slept in a little later. The train and cold had us worn out. We got breakfast at a fantastic coffee shop (Hermosa) in downtown Durango. Headed over 550 towards Ouray.

We got to Silverton and ended up going to Silverton Mountain since the roads had gotten better. Went to the base of Alpine Loop and backed down because we were solo.

Went from there to Ouray and did the Box Canyon Falls Park (beautiful views). Then got fancy and took the rental up Yankee Boy Basin. Highlight of the trip so far. Absolutely stunning views the whole way up. We stopped at the rough section that takes you to above 12K. Saw the double falls so it was totally worth it. Had to get a little western in the rental…

The San Juan’s are amazing. Freakin amazing.

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