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Joined the RedTJ club... Kinda



More details to come.

No Brooks, you can't have my doors.

Update 12/16/2012:
It's an '04 Unlimited with automatic. Looks to be stock and unmolested except for a Flowmaster muffler, a grill/brush gaurd on the stock bumper, and the 'rock rails' that just clamp on to the frame. It has a skid plate that I don't know if its stock or not.

There won't be any big build on this. It's going to replace the XJ, so there will be a for sale add soon. I plan to run the MT/R Kevlars off of the XJ but I haven't decided if I want to run them on the stock wheels or the wheels that are on the XJ. They are wider with less offset so will stick out a good bit. I may end up pulling the adjustable control arms off it too...
Update 10/19/2014:
A lot has changed since I bought the LJ almost 2 years ago, and my comment of "There won't be any big build on this" has not been quite accurate. My plan shifted from leaving it mostly stock, to building something that LOOKED mostly stock but was a very capable trail rig, a Sleeper Jeep. It isn't intended to be a hard core crawler, but I wanted it to be extremely capable and comfortable to drive on long trips.

Current specs are below, with a list of things on the way. After these changes are done, I plan to be 'done' except for suspension seats unless I start breaking things.
Update 3/25/2015:
I sold the Samurai 2/27, so the LJ has to become it's replacement. I stepped up to 35s, will be doing some axle reinforcement, and eventually some cage work.
Big update 12/3/2019:
On July 5th, 2019 I pulled the drivetrain to start a 5.3 swap. Wrapping up the details now and have put 180 miles on it. I did it as stock appearing as I could, to maintain the sleeper jeep.
Current specs:

-2004 LM4 5.3 from Buick Rainier
-NP231 with 27 spline input and SYE

Front Axle:
-4.88 gears
-27 spline ARB
-Alloy USA chromo ball joints
-Timken Unit bearings
-Ten Factory chromo shafts with Spicer joints
-3/8" plate diff cover with Lube Locker gasket
-Synergy Axle Reassurance kit (tube sleeves, c gussets, lower control arm skids)
-HD lower control arm mounts

Rear Axle:
-stock Dana44 housing
-4.88 gears
-stock shafts
-3/8" plate diff cover with Lube Locker gasket
-Power Stop Z36 brakes

Front Suspension:
-OME 2" springs with .75" spacer
-MetalCloak Lowers, Uppers, and Trackbar
-JKS Quick Disconnects
-Bilstein 5125 shocks
-Crown stainless brake lines
-V8 ZJ steering with WFO Concepts drag link spine

Rear Suspension:
-OME 2" springs
-MetalCloak Lowers and Uppers
-Stock trackbar with OME relocation bracket (welded in)
-MetalCloaK extended sway bar links
-Bilstein 5125 shocks

-35x12.50R17 BFG KM2s on JK Moabs w/1.5" spacer/adapters.

-Corbeau Baja RS seats
-Sony CD
-Boston Acoustics speakers in dash and pods
-Kicker 6.5 sub in console with Rockford mono amp
-Cobra 25 CB
-4 ft Firestik
-Arizona Rocky Road overhead CB mount

-Teraflex 1" body lift
-Brown Dog 1" MML
-UCF Deep Cover system, Original Extra Clearance, in 1/4" aluminum
-UCF 3/16" aluminum gas tank skid
-Rusty's radiator skid
-ARB CKMA12 compressor, ARB inflator kit, Viair 1 gallon tank under rear floor
-Front ARB bumper
-Warn 9.5ti with rope and in-cab controls
-Kilby steering box skid
-Rear homemade bumper, 2x4 box with 7 way RV plug and receiver hitch and JCR frame tie-ins
-Primus IQ brake controller
-Teraflex Aluminum sliders
-Gr8tops ExoGate tire carrier
-Buyers underbody truck box in bed


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Nice ride! I have a red LJ too. LJs make great trail rigs.
Yep, I wheeled with you last weekend. My trailered rig is the red Sami.

Updating first post with some details. And thanks for the comments guys. Been in it all day and loving it so far. I got it in Clover, SC, drove to Columbia, then home and around town getting all the insurance and little things taken care of.


I put new pads and rotors on the front this morning and noticed that it has 2" rubber spacers on top of the springs, but I didn't think it looked lifted. Does anyone know if the unlimiteds had a spacer from the factory or is it a BB?

Also confirmed it has a limited slip rear. I think I remember reading that all the unlimiteds got the 3.73 LS Dana 44.

Need opinions on wheels. I'm going to run the MT/R's off the XJ, just don't know which wheels I want to use:


Eagles 8" wide with 3.25" backspace I think:

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I put new pads and rotors on the front this morning and noticed that it has 2" rubber spacers on top of the springs, but I didn't think it looked lifted. Does anyone know if the unlimiteds had a spacer from the factory or is it a BB?
Here's what a 100% stock lj looks like.

Also I would keep the stock wheels.
it looks like it has aftermarket shocks on the front at least, but it doesnt look higher than stock. what size are the current tires that are on it?


31". I'll take a pic of the spacers when I get back home.

Definitely a BB. I think I've still got a set of Rubicon springs around here somewhere. I may swap those.
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It has spacers in the back to so I guess they had some rake from the factory. When I load it down with my tools, straps, spares, etc, it will sit level...
they have a good bit of rake from the factory, I guess the 31s are filling up some of the room that the spacer would have left. add a 1" body lift and mml and you will be good to go.