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Best place to piece together gear kits

Ok, long story short...

I am building a D44 front axle for my 14 JK. Ordered the J8 housing and keeping the stock D44 in the rear. But when I search gear sets, everything is for a Rubicon front and rear or a D30 non rubi 44 rear. Are the bearings the same between the rubi and the sport? Plans are to install onto ARB's if that makes any difference.

Just making it a pain and more costly to piece together the install kits from what I am seeing.
I think more than not doing well, it boils down to the complexity of them vs an e locker. I had an o ring fail in mine recently and had to tear into it. I like my ARBs, but I bought the axles built. If i had the choice I would prefer an elocker. If you are upgrading to the 35 spline and that is the way to do it I would have no reservations. ARB has put a bunch of work into redesigning their lines and bulkheads to make a better more reliable setup. As far as piecing together diff parts I would just call an experienced source and put the ball in their court with it. Randys Ring and pinion would probably be a good place to start.


What has been happening to them? And I was looking at ARB due to wanting to upgrade to 35 spline.
My front has never been 100% perfect. It always locks, but sometimes air leaks and the compressor runs. Greg's rear leaked repeatedly, Brooks' had issues. And it has to be completely disassembled to repair. Our resident expert is now recommending the Eaton over ARB.

He mentioned something about the 35 spline and said the only options were ARB and spool. He has a spool...
I would call Randy's or East Coast Gear Supply. Either one will get you setup right. It may cost a little more than piecing together yourself, but one or two wrong parts and they are saving you money and headaches. I use East Coast normally because they are semi local and have always treated me right.