Kingdom ORV Park (Greenville, SC)

We are a social club for outdoor enthusiasts with our own private off-road vehicle park in Greenville, South Carolina. The park is designed for every combination of experience and (street legal) rig to have a safe, challenging place to wheel. There’s something here for everyone. Our trails are carefully maintained to preserve the beauty of nature and we offer a clean, authentic outdoor experience. Primitive camping is available. We also offer programs and training so that everyone can learn and enjoy the off-roading experience. You must be a member of the Kingdom to access our park. Here’s how it works: Annual Membership - A limited number of Gold memberships are available each year and they’re offered on a first come, first served basis. Gold memberships guarantee your opportunity to ride anytime we’re open for one year and you’ll be invited to special events. With a gold membership, the trail maintenance fee is $25 per vehicle per day you ride. To be eligible for a Gold membership, you must: 1. Complete the free online tread lightly training: 2. 3. Bring the certificate with you. Day Membership - If you want to check us out without getting a Gold Membership, you can do that too. Daily membership is $45 per vehicle per day. Weekend Membership - Weekend memberships are available for $75 per vehicle per weekend. Groups, Clubs and Special Events - Want to have a special event at the Kingdom or just bring your off road club for a day of fun? We offer Special Event Memberships at a discounted rate. We can do lots of things to make a perfect outing like cater in meals, Tread Lightly Training, winch training, workshops, rig setup... you name it. Please contact us via phone, text, email or message and we’ll put it all together.
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