Something that has always been a pain in the butt about the New Posts page. The way it is supposed to work is that you click on the link and it shows you everything that is new that you haven't read. And the thread stays on there until you read it or mark all posts as read. But that isn't what happens. For example, about 10 minutes ago, I opened that page, there were 5 or 6 new posts. I opened the OSCAR thread and started reading and as always, got a call and was on that for about 20 minutes. I continued to read the thread and when I tried to go back to the New Posts, I was logged off. That's fine, I logged back in and now the New Posts are empty.

That isn't right. I know I can go into the Activity Stream, but that isn't the same. That is very cluttered and you will see the same thread every time a new post is made. Like the OSCAR update, there are about 10 entries in the Activity Stream when there would be one entry in New Posts. It is not working correctly.

And most of the time, I log in and New Posts is completely empty, even though there are new posts.\

On other forums that this feature works correctly on makes it nice, because when I actually have time to get caught up, I can just go to that page and work my way through the posts. If I run out of time, I know I can just close it and come back later.