View Full Version : TJ 8.8 e-brake

03-24-2011, 11:24 AM
I've searched and found many different solutions but.... What's the easiest way to do this?
Essentially I have the ball end of the factory cables and the arms on the calipers. I have nothing in between.

03-24-2011, 12:29 PM
find some used TJ parking brake cables and use cable clamps

03-24-2011, 03:12 PM
I finally managed to find a clear pic of it. I was definitely overthinking it, lol.

03-24-2011, 03:19 PM
I just hope I can get the equalizer bracket too. Mine's gone.

03-24-2011, 10:23 PM
I managed to find (2) new cables for $35 shipped and luckily the equalizer plate was in the box crap that I got with it. Crisis averted.

11-07-2011, 11:22 PM
Hey...this came up in my google search! Were you able to get them working or did you need the ZJ cables?

11-08-2011, 08:27 AM
I used '95 ZJ cables.

11-08-2011, 08:53 AM
Here is a good write up with P/N for the ZJ brake cables.


11-08-2011, 09:03 AM
Check out this approach,


11-08-2011, 09:05 AM
Something alse to consider is using some TJ Dana 44/Rubicon cables, I'll gladly take pictures of mine for you but, I think they are the same as the 8.8...Cast loop that hooks over the lever sticking out the backing plate.

Left side ---- http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1037420

Right side ---- http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1037419

Link for picture of cable from Rock Auto.com, looks a possible winner, cheap too. Just watch if you order they have the drum/disc brake stuff intermingled.